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About Jumpin`Jungle Party Game

When you have great friends next to you, every day is a good day to celebrate. Let us be honest now, who does not love a party? Have you heard that the most amazing parties take place in the jungle? Brandy and Mr. Whiskers have heard this for sure. If you want to take part of this all you have to do is to come and play the fantastic Jumpin’ Jungle Party game! To prepare for the party that we are talking about, they need a few things for their summer bash. Therefore, they have decided to work together and gather supplies for that. All that they have to do is to climb higher and higher by jumping from one platform to another and collect the party icons that appear on their way. Every single idem will bring you extra points, and you will succeed in having the most fabulous party in the whole jungle. From time to time on the platforms, you might find some flying bonuses that helps you get higher once you catch them. You also have to be careful sometimes because some platforms can move, or they can fall down. You do not want something like this to happen, so jump fast from one to another. If it happens that you fall from your platform, you will start from where you stopped but be careful not to lose all your lives. To move from side to side you have to use your right and left arrow keys and for jumping you can use either the space bar or the up arrow key. Do not forget that the most important thing at a party is to have fun, which you should totally do while jumping around!

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