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Stitch has been captured, and now he is on the evil’s Captain Gantu ship. Stitch needs to escape and return to Lilo where he is loved and waited. In the Manic Mayhem game, you have to help Stitch shoot down the cannons and go back home. Stitch needs to move very fast and correctly to escape, and if we want this to happen, you need to assist him by using your arrow keys. When you see the right arrow key coming closer, press it from your keyboard so Stitch can shoot the cannons easily. At some point, you will need to use combinations of arrow keys. Press them both at the same time, and everything will be just fine. If you do it wrong, the cannons will fire back, and Stitch will be in danger. If you are really good, you will also get a bonus round where you can show your incredible skills. No matter what happens, Stitch has to escape one way or another, and you are his only chance to do it. Do not mess it up because we know how important he is to Lilo. Just follow the beat and do your best. As long as you do not quit trying, things will be all right. At the end of the game, you will be able to see your final score and then try to beat it for better performance. Good luck and do not forget that everything is possible when you want something sincerely.

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