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About Oddventure Land Game

Oddventure land is yet another Disney XD game in which you can team up with characters from Disney XD to enter the magic realm filled with elves, dragons, and many other beasts, princesses, magicians, and dungeons. Your main objective is to find and obtain XD gems. The main objective is to collect gems, but except collecting gems you also need to collect various items along the game. Numerous equipment, food, coins and others. You can also buy many items from the store so you`ll be able to go through levels easier. To move around and attack with your character you must use only your mouse. Clicking on the direction you want him to go will make him move. Clicking on the various objects will make him punch and crack them so you can collect all the goods inside. Also, clicking on enemies will make your character punch them. Enough clicking will eventually destroy them. Be aware that some enemies are very easy to destroy while some aren`t. When you find the ones that are harder to kill you should try punching them several times and then moving along to pick up some energy boost because you don`t want to lose a life. In some cases, while you fight one enemy, many other enemies might join the same fight which will decrease your odds of successfully ending that fight. It`s very interesting RPG game which you don`t want to miss. Trust me. It is a fun, interesting game that will get all your scenes high. You love magic, right?

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