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When you live in Hawaii, and you have a little monster as a pet, you should expect that there are many others like your pet around. That is the reason why spaceships might visit your home, and your new best friends can be some aliens and creatures from the space. This happened to Lilo, and now she spends her life doing crazy and fun things with Stitch, her best friend who is a monster. Today they went on an adventure to collect some pods that are scattered all over the island to take them to the spaceship. In Pod Puzzle game, you will have to help them do this thing in time. Every pod has a specific color, and if you push the right color at its place, the spaceship will take them up. There can also be more pods of the same color. After you pushed all of them, the same thing will happen. On the island, there are different obstacles on your way. Avoid each one of them and be careful not to push the pods too much, so it hits the edges of the ground. Otherwise, you will not be able to move it right anymore. For moving around use, the arrow keys from your keyboard. When you want to push one pod, press the Space Bar and the arrow in which direction you want to move it. Be careful that there is an amount of time which once gone, the game ends.

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