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Winnie the Pooh and his friends would like to invite you to join them for a fun adventure called Pooh`s Brain Games. Winnie the Pooh, the cuddly and friendly bear who adores honey and his incredible friends Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger are impatiently waiting for you to join them and help them obtain the best possible score in this game. Your goal is to try to finish all three games which are offered to you in the best possible way in order to get the highest mark as the final result. You can begin with any game you select and the order does not matter as long as you do everything perfectly. Do your best to finish the games as quickly as possible, because the time which is left at the end will make your score higher and get you closer to your goal. You have five seconds for each answer within any of the three games offered to you, so you better think fast and be incredibly precise if you wish to get a high score. If you answer each one of the amazing questions given to you in the game correctly, you will get bonus points which will contribute to your final score and help you become the best player! Once you have completed one of the games, a checkmark will appear near its name in the main menu, which means that you have done an amazing job while playing it! You will also get marks from A to F, just like at school and your final mark will be calculated based on all three scores combined. Not only do you need to think fast in order to win this game, but you also need to have an excellent eye for detail and select your answers wisely. The first game called Shape Stumper requires you to select a shape which fits the one given to you perfectly, while it is necessary to solve equations given to you in the second one, which is called Counting Conundrum, as quickly as you can. In the third one, called Pooh`s Big Show, you have to select the picture that you think appears most often on your screen. Let`s have an incredible time with Winnie and his friends and help them solve these equations and obtain the highest score possible! Think, think, think and have an incredible time!

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