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About Pop! Game

Wall-e and his friend EVE are trying out their precision skills while maneuvering the laser beam. In this game, Wall-E is holding a bubble wrap sheet in front of EVE and she is using her laser beam precision in bursting and popping all the bubbles from the sheet. Be aware that you need to pop all the bubbles without going out from the sheet area because if you do your laser beam will freeze for a few seconds which will make you lose precious time. Also, if you go over Wall-E`s fingers that are holding the sheet the laser beam will freeze again. Every level has a timer ticking. You start off with 45 seconds timer and it gradually rises as you go through the levels. According to the number of levels passed, the difficulty of the gameplay also rises. You will start off with the whole sheet of bubble wrap. Next levels will bring up new challenges, like bigger sheets or sheets with some holes within and if you go with your laser beam through a hole, it will freeze for few seconds. After those levels, sheets will move around and later you`ll have moving sheets with holes in them. You got the point, right? It gets harder and harder and almost impossible to finish. But nothing is impossible if you have a steady mind and steady hand to help you out. If during the play, you finish the level with some extra seconds left, you`ll earn bonus points. `Pop!` is the game you`ll want to play over and over, just give it a shot.

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