About Robot Attack

Welcome to Phineas and Ferb Robot Attack game! This time the brothers were working on some new inventions again! They figured out how to convert an old video game into a water balloon launcher. The machine was ready, and Ferb was about to start it up when an explosion happened! It realized dozens of mean robots from the video game! The two friends and the whole neighborhood are now in a great danger. Somebody should stop the robot invasion. Luckily, it`s not easy to get Phineas and Ferb scared. They already have a great plan! But there are too many of the robots, and the boys need an assistance. Will you help them to destroy the robots? You just need to load up the balloon launcher with balloons and shoot the robots with them! Make blocks of the same color disappear and give space to new ones. It will take balloons down to the bottom, so Phineas can shoot. Every time Ferb has a block of a specified color. You need to find several adjacent blocks of the same color. Press on a block of another color staying next to them, and it will change the color. Keep changing blocks until there is a set of the same color. The block will disappear, the blocks above them will fall, and the balloons will move down. Now you can use the launcher against the robots! Don`t let them reach the bottom! Watch how many balloons and other items you have on the bar below. Hurry up!

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