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Have fun while exploring new adventures of Ron and Kim Possible in this Ron`s FreeFall game! This time you play as Ron jumping out of an airplane with Kim and going down to the ground to find Dr. Drakken`s secret lab. Right before he jumped out of the aircraft, he dropped his report papers in the sky. As the report papers scattered around the blue skies, Ron must collect as many as possible on his way down, but, it won`t be an easy task since there are too many obstacles to avoid along the way. You need to be careful of black clouds, comets, missiles, robotic screech vultures, balloons and power supplies. If you get zapped, you`ll lose Rufus (rodent pet) who`s holding your parachute on your back. In that case, you`ll begin to freefall with countdown timer counting seconds before you hit the ground, but if you catch Rufus along your freefall, he`ll jump right on your back and reconnect the parachute saving your life. While you`re going down with your parachute, use your mouse to move Ron around the sky and use SPACEBAR to switch between parachute mode (slowly descending) to backpack helicopter mode (slowly ascending). Along your way down, your primary objective is to collect as many report pages as possible. Obtaining a single page brings you 10 points, but acquiring a page held by a bat that`s moving around will give you 50 points. This game is quite fun to play, but you must use your reflexes fast since there are many things to avoid.

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