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About Rufus` Rescue Game

Rufus Rescue game presents you another adventure orchestrated by Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, and Wade! This time they are going to have another dangerous mission. Dr. Drakken kidnapped Rufus! Kim and her friends successfully defeated the mad scientist many times and taught him not to mess up with them again. But Dr. Drakken was thinking of a mass vengeance and, finally, decided to strike back with real revenge! He kidnapped small and cute mole rat Rufus to unsettle Kim, Ron, and Wade. How meanly his action is! But it`s not easy to disturb Kim Possible. She`s already preparing a rescue mission. Join Kim Possible and her team and take Rufus back from Dr. Drakken hands! That`s how to perform your task. You will have to play the part of Kim, Ron, and Wade. Switch between them by clicking on their pictures or using 1,2,3 keys. Move around the room trying not to get caught. Be careful, because Dr.Drakken left some obstacles in your way. These things will affect your life scale in a wrong way. Shoot with a freeze ray by using the Control key! Pick up nice bonuses to increase your energy or to recharge your freeze phases. Don`t miss K-logo to have bonus points. Sometimes you will have to jump to reach these bonuses, use Spacebar for that. Last, but not least: each character has a special move to fight the enemies, which are needed to progress through the levels. The characters can only activate them when they are standing on a target and by pressing the Spacebar. Good luck!

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