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Donald Duck is playing Skylinks Golf game from his flying machine. This game requires you to use your keyboard direction arrows LEFT and RIGHT to define in which angle you want the golf ball to fly. After you managed to set the right angle, you should press and hold the space-bar button to set the power of that shot. You need to combine the power and angle settings to be able to hit your target successfully. Not every level will require you to hit the hole itself. It also needs you to collect various objects along the way. The game also requires solving mini-games and puzzles along the way, so you will be able to finish the level successfully. Collect star-links with the ball that is entering the hole and completing the level. That way the star-link bonus will count. If you collect the star-link, but the ball misses the hole, that bonus won`t count. There are also numerous bonuses along the way. All depending on your shots. You can collect `Meowing cat` bonus, of `Mooing cow` bonus, `Scared elephant` bonus and so on. All the bonuses you collect will be beneficial to your final score. At the score table, you can see how many shots and tries you had at each level. If your score is green, then you used the right amount of shots. If it`s red, you need to practice more and use fewer shots to pass that level. You can see the `shot counter` at your upper right corner of the screen.

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