About Space Race & Space Ball

While having to spend a lot of time on the Axiom spaceship, Wall-E is trying to figure out new ways of having fun and making the time spent there more pleasant! Since one of the most common ways of entertaining is to play some games, he came up with two new different ideas of spending time! Join Wall-E in either of the Space Race or Space Ball game! In Space Race game you need to help Wall-E to run on a race through the corridors of Axiom. While during the race there are no other opponents you should compete with, the game is not that easy as it might seem at first glance. There are three laps and there is a timer to which you should be paying attention in each lap. The main goal is to be as fast as possible in order to finish each lap until the time runs off. You need to use your UP key to accelerate, and LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys in order to steer Wall-E left or right. Try as much as possible to stay on track and avoid hitting the walls, in order to maintain a high speed! Try to make use of the acceleration stripes along your way, marked with yellow color, in order to get a speed boost! At the same time, you need to pay attention and avoid the red deceleration stripes, which will slow you down and make you loose precious time! Hit the green bonus boxes along the track in order to gain additional speed boost and points! Test your racing skills and see which is the best lap time you can achieve! In Space Ball game you need to help Wall-E to compete against Eve while they are playing a tennis game using some improvised tennis rackets. Unlike in a regular tennis game this one is a bit different and requires an increased focus, since the action is happening within a room and the ball can also hit the walls and bounce from them back into the playing field. You also need to anticipate as fast as possible which is the direction the ball is going to follow once it is returned back from Eve`s side! This way you make sure that you can move Wall-E accordingly, left or right, using the arrow keys, so he can successfully hit the ball and return it back to Eve. Every time a player will miss sending the ball back to his opponent, will result in a point awarded to his opponent. Once the summing of points gathered by both players will reach 15, the game will be over, and the winner is the player with the higher number of points! Keep in mind that Eve is a skilled player, so try to focus not to miss any of her shots! Have fun!

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