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Oh no! Experiment 625 wants to escape from the galaxy prison, but there are so many things on the way which can stop him! It is almost impossible for him to do it. Even so, he does not give up, and all he wants to be is free. Everyone sees Stitch as a bad person, but we know that he can learn to be good and that deep inside him, he has a kind heart. This is the reason why you need to help him with his plan in Stitch Galactic Escape game! The place where Stitch is now is full of traps, which tries to lock him again, and creatures that want to harm him. Even his creator wants to lock him up. While you try to escape, you need to collect all the power-ups that appear in your way. They will help you later on when you have to beat the guard waiting for Stitch at the end of each level. You will also find bonus lives on your way. Collect them all and be careful at those who want to stop you. To move Stitch, use the left and right arrow keys for walking, and the up arrow key to jump. To use the guns, press the Space Bar. Once you started walking, you cannot go back to where you were before. Try not to die too many times or the game will be over. Once you pass all the three levels, you will be free, and you can cause some intergalactic mayhem.

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