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What a big and beautiful island! Stitch wants to explore all of it and what a better way to do it than from up in the air? There is only one tiny problem, and that is that Stitch cannot fly. Anyway, with the help of Lilo, he managed to create a pair of wings and using them, he can fly up in the air and see the whole island. You can explore it together with him in the Stitch Island Tour game. To do that, you need to follow three easy steps! The first one is to stretch the hammock as much as you can, by repeatedly pressing the left arrow key from your keyboard. The second step is to push the right arrow key only once, to launch Stitch up in the air. Now, that you are here, use your up and down arrow keys to keep Stitch in the air as much as you can. A piece of cake, right? Watch out for Lilo because she will be there to help you anytime. There are some objects down on the ground, and when Lilo is happy, it means that you can land safety because the objects will give you a boost and send you back in the air. If she looks worried, it means that the objects are going to harm you. When you land, press the Space Bar to start again and try to beat the distance that you traveled first. Stitch cannot wait to see all the beauties that the island has. Start having fun with him and get lost in beautiful Hawaii.

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