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About The Fast and the Phineas Game

Phineas and Ferb are summoning you to another adventure, The Fast and the Phineas game. In this fast driving game your main objective is to... can you guess what? Well, it`s not hard. You need to win, meaning arriving first at the finish line which further means leaving your opponent behind you, yes, behind you! Control your vehicle with direction arrow keys on your keyboard. UP - Accelerate, DOWN - Break, LEFT and RIGHT for directions. Also, use CTRL for acceleration boost. Watch out for the curves and islands on every map. Going over the island around the lane will slow you down significantly and if you don`t enter a curve properly, you might get stuck outside of the lane which will give your opponent a head start. But, before we start racing, first, let`s build our own racing machine. Should it be a car? Or a tank? Maybe even a jet-car? All of this is totally up to you since you can choose between numerous options in building your dream racing machine. First, you can choose your wheels and tires. After you`ve chosen the tires you like then you can choose between many chassis and colors. It all came down to choosing a correct engine now. Should it be a tank or a jet engine? Or just a regular car`s engine? It`s up to you! Also, you can choose markings on your vehicle and the name for your newborn baby. Enjoy the fun and the ride with Phineas and Ferb, but don’t forget to drive drive safely!

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