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Wall-E lives in a world full of wonderful things and robots. His ways of having fun will always test your imagination, creativity, memory and of course, your abilities of doing different tasks. This exciting game is one perfect way to show to Wall-E what a great fast thinker you are and how good your skills of perception are. Today is a good day for challenges and games and this is the reason why Wall-E asks you to help him a little bit. You have to align vertically or horizontally pieces of the same type from Wall-E world, in order to make them disappear. Doing this thing, you will gather many points that will give you a great score at the end of the game. Align at least three pieces that look the same so they can disappear fast. If you align more than three pieces, your points will grow. In order to do all these things you have to use your mouse to move the pieces. Click on the one you want to move and to exchange it with another one, click on it too. Be careful because the only time you have is five minutes. During these five minutes, you have to gain as many points as you can. When the time is over, so will be the game and your final score will appear on your screen. You can choose to play again anytime you want and try to beat your score. What do you think? Are you good enough to pass this fun test of Wall-E? If so, then do not forget to have fun and do your best!

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