About The Walking Doof

Oh no, the whole Danville is under a zombie attack! What happened? Seems like Dr. Doofenshmirtz was up to some vicious plan again. Unfortunately, he succeeded to realize it. He constructed a machine called The Repulsinator and then, it transformed Danville`s mayor into a zombie version of Dr. Doofenshmirtz. The city is in a great danger and you need to do something to save it in The Walking Doof game! But what`s the worst, if the Doofen-zombie touch anybody, they immediately turn into a copy of the mindless doctor. And now the streets are full of Doofen-zombies, which are totally out of control! Luckily, Phineas is here. He and his friends know how to stop the zombie epidemics. Doofen-zombies will transform back into their original look if you get them wet. You just need to gather all the zombie-doctors and throw some water on them! Just like their creator, Doofen-zombies are mad and evil, and they are spreading across Danville faster and faster. The mission is very dangerous, but that`s the only way to save the city. Will you join Phineas and his friends to protect the streets? The are several areas you need to defend. Get everyone together, bring some helpers and form a team! Shoot with water and throw debris to break the Doofen-zombies` rows. Call special units into the battle and take care of other defenders` health. You should plan your strategy well to win. Try not to lose any of the defenders and don`t let any zombie pass you! The more of them pass the easier they will take over. Hurry up, zombies are approaching!

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