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About Wall-E Match Game

Welcome to Wall-E world. The little robot wants to show you around and to become your best friend. Did you know that Wall-E is the cleverest robot in the world? His memory is incredible and he can remember so many things, no one can beat him. In Wall-E Match game you can try to beat him and show how good you are at memorizing things. On your screen, there will appear a few squares and every one of them hides a picture with Wall-E or with something from his wonderful world. In order to win, you have to click on the little squares to see what hides under them. Then try to find the same picture twice, in order to match them and clean all of them. You have to be careful though because if the time is going to end, you will lose the game and that would make Wall-E sad, and we do not want this thing to happen. If you think that you can memorize everything fast, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to show how good you are. You can even play with your friends and see which one of you can guess what is hiding under the squares faster. Testing your memory is a good thing to do because you can get smarter if you do it and Wall-E is here to help you, just as any other great friend would do. You can be a part of Wall-E’s world and life by playing now with him. We would love to hear who was better at this memory game, you or our little Wall-E?

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