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As you might already figured out from the title, this game is a Word Match game. Several friends: Tigger, Rabbit and Owl are standing in front of a house of Mr. Sanders and they`re playing a game of word matching. Tigger is throwing letter by letter out from the wooden chest and showing an entire word at the end. That word is then pronounced as it should be, so you can also hear it after reading it. Above their heads are four pictures that are possible matches for the given word. You must match the given word with the given picture to be able to proceed with the next word. Use your MOUSE to navigate your cursor around the screen. When you click with your MOUSE BUTTON 1 on the picture of your choosing, the narrator will read out loud the name of the symbol in that picture. If the words are a match, you won, and you`ll get another word. If by any chance you miss matching the word with its picture, you`ll receive a blunt sound telling you that you`ve made a mistake. So, give it another shot. There is no timer, so feel free to take as much time as you might need to solve these word matches. Be aware that every time you find a match, all of the guys will cheer for your success and feel happy for your score. They are a lovely bunch and therefore, you will love playing this game with them. It is a relaxing game meant for the younger population of kids.

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