About Zack & Cody`s Tipton Trouble

Welcome to another adventure orchestrated by Zack and Cody. When these two are in question, some misfit adventures are always on their mind and have been in a lot of troubles lately, but the twins also have a good side. In this Tipton Trouble game, Zack and Cody are on a mission that would help their mother kick-start her singing career. Nothing can stop these two whether is it a good or bad thing. However, be aware of Tipton`s staff and Zack and Cody`s enemies, including London and Maddie. They will be lurking side by side along Tipton`s hallways. Luckily, you can hide between curtains and use elevators and stairs to avoid getting in trouble at Tipton. To help their mother, you have to run past picture frames guarded by fearsome enemies of the two. There are four levels on which you have 15 pictures to hang and in that way help their mother become a famous singer. On each floor, you have curtains behind which you can hide and make your quest a bit easier, but do not relax at all, Carey`s career is the most important thing to the brothers. If you get caught they will be sent to their room and have to try over again. Be careful. Also, as you hang pictures, try to collect bonus points to improve your overall score. One more thing that would ease your way through the game are elevators, use them for escape and easy up and down move through Tipton`s floors. That would be all, have fun!

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