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If you wish to play a fun and exciting activity, then you should undoubtedly try Ratatouille: Dinner is Served game! This game will show you how restaurants work.

From receiving guests, taking their orders, delivering their orders, billing them, and escorting them out of the restaurant. These are all processes you need to do pretty quickly to get satisfied customers that will return to your restaurant again.

How to play the game

As the game begins, you'll see a customer at the door. Click with your MOUSE BUTTON 1 on any available seat at any table for a customer to take place at the table.

After that, the customer will make their first order. The chef will prepare the ordered food. Use your MOUSE BUTTON 1 to click on the shown order and then click on the customer who made that order so that Mustafa (the waiter) will deliver the food to the customer.

While Mustafa is providing food to customers, new customers will wait at the restaurant entrance to be seated. You need to multi-task with customers, food, and billing. One customer will order even more than one dish, so you need to pay attention to every detail happening in the restaurant. Who ordered more food, who just came in and who asked for a check.

When "€" sign appears above the customer, it means they want to pay for their bill. In that case, click your MOUSE BUTTON 1 on the customer, and they will go to the register to pay and then go out of the restaurant.

In every level of the game, there is a Target (€) that you need to reach. More food sold, more customers served and billed will rise your money level towards the targeted amount. Reach the target to unlock a new level!

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