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Would you like to travel to Paris with Remy and his friends for a Rat 'N' Roll Pinball game? If you think this would be fun, join them and have an incredible time playing one of the most popular games in the world in this incredible Parisian restaurant!

Remy and his friend Alfredo Linguini spend a lot of time in this kitchen under the watchful eye of Skinner, so they are in a mood for some entertainment. Help them take a break from the kitchen chores and unwind with them by playing a game of pinball.

How to play the game

Win this match with Remy and Linguini by using your left and right arrow keys to operate the flippers and throw the ball back in the game when it starts falling. Keep the ball in the game as long as you can because you only get three chances to win and obtain an excellent score! After you have used up all three balls, the game will be over, but with all the right moves and focus, you can win in no time!

Press and hold your down arrow to launch the ball high up and pay attention to it as it moves on your screen. You don't want it to start falling without you being able to catch it! Try to launch the ball up again as many times as you can with your flippers because this is the only way you can make the game last longer and obtain a high score!

Don't make Remy and Linguini sad by failing to save the ball because they need a friendly, fun break from their kitchen duties and Skinner, so they are counting on you to help them relax!

Are you the perfect pinball player they are waiting for? Are you ready to have a fantastic time in Paris? If yes, then join them and be winners together!

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