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Experience the magical underwater world with the Ariel’s Hidden Treasures game! Who doesn't know the curious and charming red-headed mermaid with a beautiful voice? Yes, I am talking about Ariel! If you know her, you should also know that she has a very unique passion - humans!  This young girl is completely fascinated with any invention coming from the unknown world above the waves, from broken teacups to forks, and even charming princes! There is nothing the Little Mermaid enjoys more than decorating her secret hiding place, the Treasure Trove, with fascinating trinkets and unique objects. Now you have the chance to join in on all the fun!

The atmosphere of this game is enticing enough to keep you glued to the keyboard for hours! The music is lively, reminding you of a beautiful day at the seaside. What is more, the beautiful colors and varied locations will certainly charm from the very beginning!

A difficult mission ahead!

Scuttle is an agile seagull and Ariel's friend. However, he also has some unique skills that allow him to find the human objects Ariel loves so much. However, everything comes at a prince, even between friends! You need to trade shiny sea shells in exchange for your desired decorations. Therefore, it's time to take a deep dive to the bottom of the sea!

Ariel is an incredible swimmer, which will make your mission extremely fun! Control her by moving your mouse, and guide her towards the precious shells. 
Remember that there are many obstacles on the way! Every time you hit a rock, wild algae or a bank of fish, you will lose some of your precious shells. 

What is more, there are even some dangerous characters in the depths of the ocean. Watch out for the feral sharks and manta rays! They will undoubtedly steal your shells and prevent you from getting the decorations you love so much.

The bottom of the sea is filled with mystery! Watch out for power-ups throughout your journey, as they might prove to be extremely useful. Use the green algae to become invincible for a while and pick up the shell multiplier to get to your goal faster!

Shop at Scuttle's Store and decorate with Ariel!

Once you are done with harvesting, make sure to visit Scuttle's Shop. Browse through the various items and see if something interesting catches your eye! All of Scuttle's objects are quite fascinating and unique, such as antique tea sets, vases, hammers or even forks. Some of them also require you to buy different parts, then join them together! 

Use the Map button on the left side of the screen to navigate between the three locations of this game: the bottom of the ocean, Scuttle's shop and Ariel's treasure trove. In the latter, you have the chance to customize the Little Mermaid's secret hideout with objects you have earned throughout the game.  You can even share the final result with your friends, even on Facebook! What is more, the game allows you to print your beautiful design by just clicking the appropriate button!

You will certainly be entertained for hours if you choose to jump in and join this underwater adventure. It will allow you to explore exciting locations in the Disney Universe and to know your favorite characters even better! What is more, a large number of available objects and the dynamic gameplay will definitely keep you in front of your PC and help you unwind!

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