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About Beach Treasure Game

Welcome to the most fantastic beach of all times. The sun always shines brightly here, and with a little bit of luck, you can find precious treasures if you look carefully around you. Lilo and Stitch have already started the adventure in Beach Treasure game, and they are going after something much more valuable than diamonds or gold. They are looking after experiments balls, which can become later their friends. The secret balls are everywhere on the beach, and if they are not recovered in time, there can be problems because they can even get into the wrong hands, or become monsters. Your job this time is critical, and you have to help either Lilo or Stitch get them all before is too late. To help them do that, use the left and right arrow keys to move your character around the beach and for jumping press the Space Bar. Try to collect all the balls before the time runs out, or you will lose. Be careful about the moving or rolling objects. Besides, some floors may break apart, and if you do not move quickly, you will fall. After falling for five times, the game will end. Be fast and finish each level quickly for getting more points for your final score. Even if it sounds hard, do not worry, it is more fun than you think. Just choose which one you want to play with, Lilo or Stitch, and then start the adventure. Good luck!

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