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Are you up for a mouth-watering adventure with Rufus, Ron Stoppable`s mole rat? Then this is the right time to start playing Bueno Rufus game! Rufus is an invaluable member of Team Possible, who helps Ron and Kim fight crime and the forces of evil. When he`s not helping his friends or hanging out in Ron`s pocket, he works at Bueno Nacho, the place where Ron and Kim love to eat! Rufus is brilliant for an animal, and is even capable of speaking! He is typically happy and fun-loving and has a special connection to Ron, with whom he shares almost everything, which makes him Ron`s best pet-friend. Rufus is known to eat a lot, and he can consume vast amounts of food, and sometimes he can eat faster than Ron can, so it is of no surprise that he likes working at Bueno Nacho! In this game, you will help Rufus fill out his orders, as they come in at Bueno Nacho. You only need to use your mouse, to click on the machines to get the right toppings for your customers. As the trays containing nachos, burritos, ice cream or soda pass under the devices, you press your LEFT CLICK to activate the mechanism and add the right ingredient to make it taste delicious. Be careful though; you don`t want any salsa on your ice cream! Pay attention to the TV screen at the top right that displays the next order coming in, so you can know in advance what`s next and prepare accordingly. There is a certain number of requests for every level, and you need to get the minimum amount right to get on to the next level. As you advance through the levels, the food will move faster, and also there will be combined orders, for example, a soda and a burrito, or an ice cream and nachos on the same tray. Get both of them right for extra points! Make sure that you play this game with your belly full because you will sure go hungry from helping Rufus. We are confident that you have the skills necessary to help Rufus complete all of his orders; he is counting on you for help!

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