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About Chain Reaction Game

Phineas and Ferb have tried all day long to resolve this Chain Reaction game. It looks like they have a little bit of trouble getting the marble into the bucket, so they put Perry to help them. Still, they need someone with a great mind and the ability to create a perfect chain to get the marble in its place. You can help them do this thing, using some instruments and objects that Phineas and Ferb have found. You have some parts that you need to follow to do the chain reaction. First of them is to move Perry wherever you want to start from. It can be any place on your screen. Then you should move to the end, which is the red bucket. Place it somewhere on the screen and then start creating the actual chain. Drag the objects from the shelf onto the testing area of the chain reaction and position them in such a way that they connect with each other to work. You can even turn some of the items or change their position so it will be easier for the marble to roll into the bucket. When you think you finished the chain, everything looks just right, press on Perry, and he will hit the marble that will roll on your chain all the way until it gets on the bucket. The longer you keep the mouse button pressed, the more power will be used to hit the ball. Try to create a long chain, but be careful not to get the marble stuck somewhere or to make it fall down because you will have to do everything from the very beginning. When you finish it, you can try to make another chain. Also, maybe this time you will be able to make a better one. It all depends on you. Good luck and have fun!

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