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Welcome to Kim Possible Code Breaker game! Kim is known as one of the best students, the leader of her cheer-leading squad and just a good friend. Very few people know that this girl is also a real crime-fighter! Apart from her successful everyday life, she has defeated many evil plans of the mad scientist Dr.Drakken, his helper Shego and other foes. Of course, not without the help from her close friends Ron, his pet Rufus, and Wade. Today Kim is up for a new mission! Help her to stop all the villains in the “Code Breaker” online game! Dr. Drakken, Shego, Adrena Lynn and others are back into the action. You and Kim will have to stop them from realizing their dangerous ideas. You will need to discover all the objects, which the villains hid somewhere to bring their plans into the life. Brake all the codes and save the civilians! There is a different number of objects in each mission. First, clear the field by clicking on any of the squares. You will see some numbers here and there. Each number tells you how many objects surround this square. Make simple calculations and guess where the object is hidden! When you find it, don`t click on the square at all costs! Mark this square by pressing Space Bar to indicate it as a dangerous area. You can remove the marks, in case you have some doubts. Mark all the objects correctly, and the mission is complete. Avoid marking a wrong square or clicking on the object accidentally! You should find all the objects before the time is up! There are three modes: Trainee, Rookie, and Super Spy. Finally, receive a secret code and download an exclusive wallpaper!

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