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About Cosmic Slugger Game

Life in Hawaii can be fun if you have your friends with you and you spend time together. Today Stitch and his experiments friends decided to play baseball. Because everyone loves this game, they want to prove that it does not matter that they are a bit different on the outside, but they can play usual games and actually be good at it. Therefore, a Cosmic Slugger game would be the perfect occasion to show this to everyone. To take part in the fun, all you have to do is help Stitch hit the ball that comes to him as hard as you can. To do that, move Stitch with your mouse and keep your eyes on the ball. When the ball is getting closer, hit it with the middle of the bat to make it soar. To pass a level all you need to do is reach the target number of home runs and there you are! You will be able to challenge another experiment and play with more and more friends. Try to gain as many points as you can by hitting the ball in the right way. Gather more points and use them to boost your skills by using the Power-Ups button. Doing this thing, you will be able to become better and better until you will be the best at this game. So what else are you waiting for? Get your bat and start confronting your friends in the coolest baseball game you ever played!

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