About Droid Masters

Phineas and Ferb are welcoming you to another astonishing Star Wars episode in Droid Masters game! Everything is happening on the drought covered planet of Tatooine. The planet with two moons in a galaxy far, far away.. Phineas and Ferb are moisture farmers here and they need your help in order to fix a problem they have recently experienced: the moisture vaporators on their farm has been damaged and they have to come up with a solution. Use your mouse to place the parts at the spots between the floating rock isles or around them, depending from each level. When the part is placed where you want it you can rotate it by sliding your mouse cursor in circle around that part in both directions There are also many other parts that will help you to fulfill certain small tasks while performing your base part in the game. Water is the element everyone is searching for. Your goal is to fix high-tech equipment for farming the water out of moisture. Machines are broken, and your droids need to use the limited number of spare parts provided in the game to allow the water balls to safely move from moisture machine to the water tank. Along their way to the tank, water balls must collect Rebel symbols, so be aware to position your parts that way, so when the water ball goes on its way, it`ll go towards the symbols. At one point in the game, you`ll have to think twice as much because there will be two different vaporizing machines and from each one, the water ball will flow. You`ll need to position your parts in such fashion that the water balls will go to the water tank without dropping on the ground. The more levels you finish, the number of spare parts will rise and the distance between moisture machines and water tanks will be greater and harder to reach. Be sure to use your parts wisely. Beep-beep-click-beep.

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