About Gadget Golf

The incredibly smart brothers Phineas and Ferb have finished yet another summer project and they are waiting for you to help them test it out! Join them for a Gadget Golf game and you are definitely going to have an incredible time! The game is so interesting and exciting that Phineas and Ferb might even get their sister Candace to play and not show their mum! Let`s help the boys get the most out of their fantastic game, shall we? With your combined effort, skills and precision, you are going to have the most incredible golf match! In order to choose the starting point and set desired power, you should use your up and down arrow keys. Make sure you select the best one because every single step counts in the game of golf. Your left and right arrow keys should be used to achieve that perfect aim which will get you closer to your goal of winning the match! When you are sure you have made all the right decisions, just press the spacebar or enter in order to hit the ball and start the fun! If you want to get extra points, you should try to roll your ball over those bonus bumps on your way to the hole or bounce it against the walls and different objects in the game. You have a total of five strokes per one hole and if you use up all of them, your turn will be over and the tally will be set to six. Things will get a bit harder with each new level, so make sure you are focused and prepared to play the best golf match of your life!

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