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About Heroes of XD Game

Another online adventure from Disney XD is waiting for you to join in, Heroes of XD game! It is a card collecting game which allows you to make your own collection of characters including many different characters from Disney XD shows and Phineas and Ferb. All your heroes will engage in the battles with evil villains’ aka Enemies of XD. The game deck is including fifteen cards from all the characters of Disney XD. Every card has its own rating and might have special abilities which are a great advantage for the battle against their enemies. When starting a game for the first time, you are provided with a "starter pack" deck of cards including Phineas and Ferb. Upon completing your first battle, you`ll receive another random character card. Players deck has a limit of fifteen cards and their collective attack rating can`t surpass 50 (which also goes for card upgrade increase). During the battle, each player gets three cards from their deck collection. During each turn, the attacking player chooses the card for attack while defensive player chooses his defensive card. Players might also obtain the special abilities from cards that are left from previous turns which would allow them to play extra card. After every turn, if attacking cards have more stats over the defending player`s cards, for every attack card that goes over the defensive card, it receives 1 point. Once a player collects 10 points, the match is won. Try your best to win the game. Good Luck.

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