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Phineas definitely knows what they are going to do today! Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella are going on a family vacation and they have something amazing with them. They found an old air hockey table in the garage and turned it into a hoverboard! They can`t wait to try it out! The three friends invite you to join them for their Hoverboard World Tour game around the whole globe. There are too many places out there to test your skills in driving the hoverboard: San Francisco, Grand Canyon, Washington, New York, and it`s not just America. You can land in and experience skate parks in London, Port Elizabeth, and Beijing. Chose Phineas, Ferb or Isabella and then, the city you want to travel to. As soon as you land in the park, follow the green desks with signs on it and perform tricks. You can do jumps, flips, you may even fly up and do many other things to impress the public. Let the people shout and applause your excellent performance. Your mission is to learn all the tricks and gain the highest score at each stage. Have some training and become a professional. There are also tokens to gather. Try to collect them all, while you`re doing tricks. Sometimes it will take you a special effort since you will have to figure out how to reach all of them. Use the keyboard in the advanced mode to try more tricks. Watch the time! The less time you spend, the better result you get. Try to find a toy hidden somewhere at the stage. Good luck!

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