About Kitchen Commotion

Welcome to Zack and Cody Kitchen Commotion! Are you ready for yet another amazing adventure with these fun twins and their friends Maddie and London? They can`t wait to start playing with you! Zack and Cody live at the big Tipton hotel together with London and Maddie and they want you to play with them in the hotel`s kitchen! So let`s make a big fun mess and enjoy this active and entertaining game, shall we? Once you enter the big Tipton hotel kitchen, simply grab the food and throw it at your opponent. Make sure you throw as much food as you can because the person who throws more food at the end of all seven rounds wins! Each type of food is worth a different amount of points, so select the food wisely. You can use either your mouse to move up and down or the direction keys on your keyboard. Also, you can press the space key to throw the food or you can click your left mouse button. While you are playing, try to avoid being seen by the strict Mr. Moseby or Zack and Cody`s mother - Carey because they might appear at the kitchen door when you least expect it! Don`t forget to collect the delicious cookies at the end of each round because they will bring you extra points that might help you win! Be careful about the time – you have forty-five seconds for each round. Help your favourite character have an incredible time and enjoy making a fun mess at the Tipton hotel! Come on down and let`s start our adventure together!

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