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Our favorite villain-fighting heroes are getting ready to spread some Mad Dog fever with a cheer routine that you help them create and practice! In this Mad Dog Squad game, our friends Kim, Ron, and Rufus are a part of the Middleton High School cheerleader squad, and Kim is our captain! Ron Stoppable is playing the role of Middleton Mad Dog, the school`s mascot and Rufus being Ron`s faithful sidekick and his best friend, has some fun by trying out some of the cheer routines. You can choose between Kim, Ron, and Rufus to be your cheerleader, by using the LEFT mouse click, and you are ready to go! After picking your character you are placed inside the Middleton High gymnasium, but you can change the background on the right, and select either the school’s football court or a funky green podium! Sounds fun, right? You can also change the music to better fit your cheer moves, and after that, you can select the moves shown at the bottom of the screen. There are eight moves you can choose! If you’d like to change your cheerleader, click the CHANGE CHEERLEADERS button on the right, and select your favorite character! When you feel that you have perfected your cheer routine, go to the left of the screen and click on RECORD, where your moves will be recorded until you select STOP at the bottom of the left side. After that, you can replay your routine and enjoy the movements that you created! Make sure to show this to your friends by clicking the SEND TO A FRIEND button on the top, or you can even send your routine to Disney Channel for your friends around the world to see! We bet that you are anxious to do some cheerleading, and help our heroes make their school proud by showing them the moves that you create! Join our friends Kim, Ron, and Rufus, and have a great time dancing!

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