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The evil Capitan Gantu has captured Stitch, and now he is on his spaceship. Even if Stitch is smart and strong, the ship is full of dangerous things and creatures that want to take him away. Stitch cannot get free on his own, and he needs your help more than ever. If you think that you can help him with this problem, then be ready because in Stitch Laser Blast game this is what you`re going to do! The good thing about Stitch is that he can switch between his two states whenever he wants to, and this will help you a lot while you escape. However, since every good thing is followed by its consequences, his states have also disadvantages. While he is in his normal state, he can use a super punch, but he will not like the green laser from Gantu’s spaceship. On the other hand, when he will be in his complete state, he will be able to shoot with three guns at once, but he will hate the purple laser from the spaceship. To switch between his states use the V key. To move him you need to use the left and right arrow keys, and to jump press the up arrow key. When you want to attack, you can press the Spacebar for shooting laser gun or the C key to punch. Combining the keys, you can also jump and attach at the same time. Be careful at those who want to catch you and do your best to escape from the spaceship. Help Stitch escape from Captain Gantu’s ship. Switch between Stitch’s states whenever you want and be careful about the dangers that are waiting for you there!

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