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About Treasure Roundup Game

Imagine going in a wonderful adventure together with the smartest robot of all times, Wall-E. Not only that he is great at different games and you can have the time of your life when you are with him, but also he is a greate seeker, always looking for something interesting and new to do. “Treasure Roundup” is the greatest way to go on an adventure full of surprises and gifts that are waiting for you on the way. In order to take Wall-E on the treasure hunt, use the left, right, up and down arrow keys from your keyboard to move Wall-E from one side to another. On your way there you will find different objects that you need to pick up. To do this thing, simply get over them. At the same time, on the lower side of the screen you will have the power that will pass once you start collecting the treasures. On your way you will also find more blue powers that you need to pick up. By pressing the Space Bar you can get different views of Wall-E. Try to get a good score by collecting the things that appear under your power in the corner of the screen. Once your power is over, the game ends and that will be your final score. You can invite other friends to play with you and Wall-E, or you can play again anytime and try to beat your own score and become better and better. Have fun and a wonderful time!

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