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It's time to go to the beach! Navigate a sand labyrinth and enjoy the sun in the Puff's Sand Castle game! Suga Mama's poodle is getting tormented by the baby twins, BeBe and CeCe, and he needs your help to escape. Can you make sure he reaches his owner safely?

Show off your climbing skills and avoid all the obstacles! Your main goal is to help the Proud Family's pet find the Genie's Magic Lamp. This is a valuable item because it will help your furry friend escape the labyrinth. Can you make your way through the rooms and find the treasure?

How to play the game

Are you a fast runner? If so, use the Left and Right arrow keys on your keyboard, and navigate the labyrinth! If you come across obstacles, you can press the Spacebar to jump over them. Sounds easy as pie, right?

This is a platform challenge, so you have to help Puff jump to the next levels until he finds the treasure. Luckily, you can travel up simply by using the clams. Once you're sitting on top of them, press the Spacebar, and hop onto the next platform! Just make sure to watch out for the obstacles.

Not only are your enemies keeping an eye on you, but there are also dangerous creatures on your way to the Magic Lamp. BeBe and CeCe are constantly throwing sand at you, so you have to dodge their shots. Additionally, you have to avoid crabs, alligators, and seagulls, or they will stun you. Since you are playing as the tiny Puff, you can easily get hurt, so keep an eye open and stay safe!

What else you should know

You only have three lives at the beginning, so use them wisely! You will lose one each time an enemy hits you. Luckily, you can earn some extra lives by picking up keys. If you collect all three of them, you can even unlock a secret level!

Are you trying to increase your score? If so, you can pick up certain items for a bonus! Look for the sunscreen and sunglasses, or pick up some food for your character to earn 100 points each time. Your performance will go up in no time!

Well, are you ready to begin your mission? Your furry friend can't wait to go back to Suga Mama's side! Help Puff find the Magic Lamp and escape the labyrinth together!

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