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Do you enjoy playing mini-golf with your friends? If so, give the Proud Mini-Putt game a try, and play against the kids of The Proud Family! It's time to head out to the course. Join the challenge and show off what an experienced golfer you are!

Are you ready to begin the mission? Pick your favorite player, grab your golf club, and go! To win the tournament, you have to get the ball into the hole in as few moves as possible. Will you be able to earn the highest score?

How to play the game

Before we begin this round of mini-golf, you have to understand the basics. Grab your mouse, click on your ball, then drag. Next, you have to move in the opposite direction of where you want to shoot. The further you pull, the more powerful the shot. Once you're ready, just let go, and see where the ball lands! 

How well do you know the kids of The Proud Family? Luckily, for this game, you can play as your favorite character. You can choose your player from Penny, Lacienega, and Zoey to Dijonay or Sticky. Once you're all set, you can finally go on the field!

The first course will be an easy one, just perfect for a warm-up. However, as you keep playing, there will be many obstacles on the way. You will come across water puddles and bunkers that can slow down your ball, but you have to adapt to each situation. Will you be able to reach the end of this mission?

Keep in mind that the holes have different colors. The yellow ones are where the ball goes in, while the grey holes are where the ball comes out. If you don't remember this, you might end up wasting your moves. It's important to finish each course with as few actions as possible, so keep this in mind and stay focused!

What else you should know

If you finished all stages, don't worry! The game isn't over yet, because you can create your own challenge. Choose a course, design it with obstacles to your liking, then test it! Once you are ready, you and your friends can play. 

There is also a secret challenge for you to unlock! Do you remember the name of Suga Mama's cute puppy? If so, you can go ahead and write it to gain access to a bonus stage! You will only conquer the field once you've completed this final mission!

What are you waiting for? The Proud kids are waiting for you to join their mini-golf adventure! Can you earn the highest scores and impress your friends?

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