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If you thought that Phineas and Ferb are out of ideas and they do not know what else to do every day, then you are wrong. With what great inventions will they surprise you this time in Backyard Defense game? Well, today is not just a usual day. They have to fight against the zombies that threat to attack their backyard. They have invented some machines that can destroy the zombies, but it takes your help. Do your best to keep the backyard zombie free, by putting in place some successful defense strategies! Start by placing the machines in the particular areas from the backyard. You will see the ground where you can set it up. Click on that part, and you will be asked if you want to place your machine there. You can put as many machines as the place allows you but be careful because once you press the play button, the zombies will start to come and if you do not hurry, they will attack your house. While Phineas and Ferb already worked hard on getting rid of all the zombies, it seems like they still keep coming! Every machine of destroying zombies is worth ten stars, and you have to collect other stars to be able to put a device in its place. You receive the stars by getting rid of the zombies. The more levels you manage to clear, you will unlock new and more powerful machines you can use for defense, which of course will also cost more money. Each of this new machine has some unique abilities, like freezing the zombies or even being able to kill more of them with one single shot. You need to make your choice wisely so you can put in place a balanced mix of different machines so your defense will be more efficient! Sometimes, the number of attacking zombies is too high, and the weapons seem to be outnumbered, you can also clean the area by pressing either of FIRE the red buttons, controlled by Phineas or Ferb. This way additional firepower will be unleashed towards the intruders, and the backyard will be cleaned faster! When you pass to the next level, you will be able to use a different kind of machine that will freeze the zombies. Place as many devices as you can because you will need all of their power. If the number of zombies who get past the machines is too significant and they manage to get on the house, you will lose and will need to retry to defend your property again. Do not give up if things do not go, as you want from the very beginning. It is more important to keep on trying and not to let anyone bring you down. On the upper side of the screen, you will have the points you managed to collect during one level, the stars that you still have and can use, but your life too. When the meter goes to zero, you will lose. Get ready to kick some zombies and protect the home you love with Phineas and Ferb. They would do anything for their loved ones and letting zombies get on their playground is definitely not an option. They can show you that even a scary thing like zombies can be treated with amusement and with pleasure when working in a team with your best friend. So make yourself comfortable and start getting the backyard of Phineas and Ferb clean. They have other important things to do tomorrow, and some zombies cannot stop them from that. Good luck!

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