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Welcome to the fairytale world of Winnie the Pooh and his friends! Join the little bear Pooh and the cute pink Piglet the Pig in this funny game, “Balloon Trail”! If you like solving puzzles and enjoy improving your logical thinking, “Ballon Trail” will definitely catch your attention. Help Winnie and Piglet to collect all the balloons and amaze them with your creativeness and gumption. Here`s the task. Winnie and Piglet are living in a wonderful Hundred Acre Wood together with their friends. There is somebody they also like a lot, apart from the wood habitants: Christopher Robin, a little boy living in the neighborhood! He`s also a big friend of Winnie and Piglet. So, Winnie and Piglet were invited for Christopher`s birthday party! There will be music playing loud, guests dancing, and a bunch of delicious food, especially sweet honey! So cool! But before that, the two friends should cross the Hundred Acre Wood and collect balloons in order to give to Christopher Robin for his Birthday. Help them do deal with that mission. But there is so much trash and other obstacles on the way! Empty honey pots, tree branches, stones and puddles you can fall in. First, you will need to clear the way. Move the honey pots, so you can pass further. You don`t have to move all of them, just the ones that help you to make a way to the balloons. Try to be precise, you might not be able to move a pot again, if you put it in between of some obstacles. There also puddles, do you best not to fall into them, otherwise you will have to start the level over!

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