About Bot Thwack

Here`s another masterpiece having Agent P as the main protagonist, Phineas and Ferb Bot Thwack game! This time your main goal is to set free Agent P`s colleagues who are captured by Dr. Doofenshmirtz and held by his evil minion bots. Rescue them by stomping on each of the bot’s head. That way you will destroy the bot and set free the prisoner. After destroying the bot, you need to go and "collect" the prisoners and that way your score counts. While bots are surfacing from several platforms found on several floors in this game, you need to be quick and catch them all before they start flying around and running away. While in pursuit for the bots, be aware of Dr. Doofenshmirtz who passes by. He might hurt you which you`d want to avoid. Also, the only way you can destroy the bots is by stomping on their heads (from above). If you touch them from below or from the sides, you`ll lose one life and at the beginning of the game, you are granted with three lives. Collect enough rescues to earn 50.000 points and that way, you`ll be able to unlock the second difficulty tier, the "Extreme mode". Without those points, you can only play at "Normal mode" difficulty. Use arrow buttons on your keyboard to move LEFT and RIGHT and use SPACEBAR button to fly. You need to tap SPACEBAR button continuously so that way you will remain in the air. Meaning, if you stop tapping, you`ll descend. Another thing, try avoiding the green goo at the bottom left and right corners.

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