Cars 3 - Demolition Derby

Play Cars 3 - Demolition Derby
Play Cars 3 - Demolition Derby

About Cars 3 - Demolition Derby Game

Lightning McQueen is having some good times with his friends and he takes all the chances to participate in any races he can. Today he is part of a Demolition Derby game, where he has to compete with other cars in order to remain the fastest racecar. This thing is not so easy to do because the road is full with obstacles and the other cars are good too. Lightning McQueen has to be at least the third to unlock additional courses, and with your help, he might be able to do this. Use the left and right arrow keys to move McQueen and to take the corners. There would be no need for you to accelerate, the car will take care of this by itself. Collect the coins and the power-ups from the way to gain points and to use the nitro. When you collect enough nitro, you will be able to use it by pressing the lightning from your screen. Be careful because some cars might get on your way and will slow you down. Use the platforms to jump and gain an advantage in front of your competitors. When you finish the course for three times, the level will be over and you will see the amount of stars that you have collected. In order to unlock more challenges, you need at least ten stars at the end of the five levels of the game. At the end of each level, you can use your gained stars to upgrade different components of the car, like acceleration, top speed, endurance, nitro or resistance to shocks. The more stars you`ll manage gain, the more upgrades you`ll afford and the better the car will become. Do your best to collect them all and to show everyone that Lightning McQueen is still the best racecar that exists and that no one can beat him. Good luck!

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