About Disney Cinderella

Disney Cinderella is a game in which you help Cinderella drive her elegant blue carriage home. She had a lot of fun at the ball, dancing with the prince without a care in the world, so she forgot that she was supposed to leave before midnight, and now she must get home before the Fairy Godmother’s spell breaks, or else her carriage will turn back into a pumpkin, she won’t get home before the end of the ball, and her stepsisters will know that she left home when she wasn’t allowed to. Use the left and right arrow keys to slow down and speed up and space to jump. Collect fairy dust for points (you can only do that while in the air and cannot wait for it to simply fall on you) and do not crash into any pumpkins! You lose a life every time you do that, and you only have five, represented by pumpkins in the top right corner. When you run out of lives, it’s game over. Sometimes, there are two pumpkins one next to the other, so you’ll want to do a long jump by pressing the spacebar and right arrow together, but if you get too close to the right edge of the screen you might crash into incoming pumpkins, so press the left arrow to slow down. If you catch any fairy dust while in the air, you’ll get bonus points! Check your high score at the top when the game is over. Mine is 172, can you beat it?

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