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About Drakken`s Lair Game

Are you ready for another adventure with Kim? Join her in Drakken`s Lair game! Restless Kim clearly has no time to relax. She feels too responsible for the world to leave it dealing with evil plans of villains on its own. That`s why she`s not only the best student but also a secret agent! There has not been a single day without a special mission in her life. Together with Ron Stoppable, they make a perfect team able to fight the nastiest criminals of the world! They already proved their primary enemy, Dr. Drakken, that it`s his interest not to mess with Kim and Ron! But the mad scientist strikes back every time persistently. And again he`s plotting to take over the world! Kim and Ron are already ready for their next mission. They will have to infiltrate into his secret hideout without being noticed and foil his evil plans! Help Kim and Ron to defeat Dr. Drakken one more time! You need to pass through the lair and to reach Drakken. Use the arrow keys to run, jump, and double-click to slide. Fight Drakken`s henchmen using B-key and get more points! You will be able to switch between Kim and Ron after you find Kimmunicator. Switch by pressing K. Grab bonuses to restore energy and have a better score. Kim and Ron both have special moves you can activate by clicking Spacebar. Spacebar also switches elevators and barriers! Remember, there are only five lives for Kim and Ron together! They lose one every time the energy meter goes empty. If you waste all of the lives, you will have to start again.

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