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All summer long, Dr. Drusselstein has done only bad things, or at least he was trying to do them because the brave Perry the Platypus has stopped him from his evil plans. Now he has something different in mind. He is trying to get his driving license and in order to do this kind of thing he needs Perry. In Drusselstein Driving Test game you need to make sure that this trying of getting a license is not just another way of capturing Perry and help him do well in his test. For Dr. Drusselstein to have a driving license it takes some time and important steps that he has to follow so you had better prepare your mouse and be ready to click fast when you have to. First, to make the car work, you will need a boost that you will get if you quickly tap click to increase the speed. Once you are pushed down the cliff, try to collect as many Doonkelberries from the road. You will need them later when a few gifts will be waiting for you. More than that, it might happen to be stuck because the road is full of obstacles and dangerous rocks, which will get on your way sooner or later. If it happens that you cannot get out from an obstacle, quickly tap click anywhere on the screen, or eventually press the Space Bar, and you will get an extra boost from the gnome powered rocket boosts. Once you will not be able to get out of obstacles anymore, you will receive your score and you can see how good you have done on your license. With the Doonkelberries collected, you can buy different objects that can help you get more points or a better speed. It all depends on you how good or bad will Drusselstein do on this test, so get ready and start it now!

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