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Join us in a new Disney XD adventure, this time by playing Find Perry game! In this puzzle solving game, the Evil genius Dr. Doof has put in motion yet another one of his plans. This time, Dr. Doof has constructed a machine Photomosaic-Inator which turns everyone it hits into a mosaic. Unfortunately, Perry has been hit so has Phineas and Ferb. There’s only you that can rescue Danville from the evil plans of Dr. Doof since Francis Monogram has also been turned into mosaic. Let get you into the game. Zoom into the picture of your beloved characters and choose the right items you need to assemble the puzzle picture before the time runs out. You should be quick since if times runs out on the Dr. Doof’s evil machine, you will have to start over. Luckily, you can use up to five hints to help you find the right objects. You will get extra points if you find Perry, which will make the game easier for you. You start by unlocking Phineas and then continue with Ferb, Candace, Isabella and other characters, including Perry and his alter-ego Agent P. However, you have three levels to complete to stop the Photomosaic-Inator. You only need mouse to play, but the game requires your entire focus as there is too many different objects and every level is harder than the one before. Luckily, Perry is at your side and if you find him he will provide you with additional hints where to seek the required object. Good luck in stopping another one evil plan by Dr. Doof.

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