About Gadget Golf Winter Holiday Edition

Winter holiday has come to the Fletcher home! Hope you are feeling excited because Phineas and Ferb are waiting for you to join them for an amazing golf match! Join forces with the two super intelligent brothers to play Gadget Golf Winter Holiday Edition game, and have a lot of fun! The smart and curious brothers have decided to do a slightly different project this winter holiday and that is to create their own golf course with your help! We hope that Candace doesn`t mind! Playing the game is very simple! Simply use your arrow keys to control the shot. Use your up and down keys to choose your starting point as well as the power of the shot and your left and right keys for the perfect aim. When you know you are ready, just press the spacebar or enter to hit that ball. You should pay attention to the spinners and try to avoid hitting them because they might send you one step back. If you wish to get extra points, try to aim and roll your ball over the bonus bumps or bounce your ball off different objects as well as the walls. You should also know that you have only five strokes for one hole and if you use them all up, your turn ends and the tally will be set to six. You can select either Phineas or Ferb to play with and you can try to do it alone or against one of the brothers. Ready for it? Stick with Phineas and Ferb because we`re sure that together you are going to do it all perfectly! Let`s make the most out of this fantastic game and have an amazing time together! Good luck!

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