About Isabella`s Fireside Music Challenge

As you might already know, Phineas is the great boy gifted with little genius skills. With his best friend and step-brother Ferb, he likes to invent brilliant games, and this time the one they managed to come up with is Isabella`s Fireside Music Challenge game! First, they constructed one great and huge musical machine, but afterwards realised that they needed somebody to test the machine, so they called Isabella and asked her to help them with this job. Isabella and her friends were really excited with the idea of testing this unique machine. Your task is to help them in testing. They need to collect as much music notes as it is possible. At some parts of the game, you need to activate catapult in order to help them grab music notes. When the girl steps on the spring, it pops up automatically. You need to click the red button in order to swing the trap when our girl is in the area of traps. There are five levels. When you complete the first level, at the second you will find a lot of elevators. You need to move the elevator up and down in order to make a good score. At the third level, you will find some construction that is called “elastic”. With the elastic, you can launch Isabella up and help her in grabbing precious notes. Also, this level has the roller. With the roller, we pass the gaps. The moving cub is introduced at the fourth level. The fifth level is the most difficult. At this level you must be very precise in order to help Isabella going through it without any harm. Be careful with Isabella and use extra features anytime you need. Good luck.

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