Piglet`s Honey Harvest

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About Piglet`s Honey Harvest Game

Meet funny Piglet from Piglet`s Big Movie and help him to collect honey! Everyone loves honey, right? Except Piglet. He adores it! Piglet lives in The Hundred Acre Wood together with Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Kanga and other habitants of the fairytale wood. Winnie is his best friend, together they have been to many crazy ventures and had a lot of wonderful and quite days in the Wood. Everybody knows that Winnie the Pooh is honey’s biggest fan in The Hundred Acre Wood. Well, seems like Piglet is the second one after Winnie! Both of them are craving for honey terribly and there is nothing in the Wood to stop them, especially when these guys are already on their way to a honey jar! Of course, such a passion for honey used to lead them to many troubles. It`s time for honey harvest and Piglet is ready to set off for a honey hunt! Despite this job is very dangerous due to dozens of bees living in the hives, Piglet is not going to give up. Help him to gather all the honey from the hives and not to get a bee sting. Guide Piglet under the hives to gather all the honey drops into the jar by clicking right and left. Move him up and down the slits to avoid the bees. Don`t get stung and don`t move too fast, otherwise you will fall off the slits! Beware, there are more bees approaching, as you are making progress. Fill with honey as many jars as you can!

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