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About Rufus Snow Ride Game

Join Rufus on a new adventure while playing this new Rufus Snow Ride game! Rufus is a brave little mole rat, the pet of Ron Stoppable. He used to take part in all of the adventures lead by Kim Possible. Due to his smartness, Rufus saved Kim and Ron many times when the situation seems to be utterly hopeless. Today Rufus is having a ride on his snowboard on the slopes of Mount Middleton. He`s heading down to meet up with Ron. But something went wrong. Seems like DNAy, a bio-geneticist and a specialist in the field of animal hybrids, unleashed her army of genetically modified Cuddle Buddies! These scary creatures are now after Rufus! Help him to pass through all the obstacles on his way, not to get caught and find Ron! Snowboard down the mount as fast as possible! Move up and down maneuvering between the obstructions, using Up and Down arrow keys. Use Left and Right keys to slow down and speed up. Same keys work if you want to crouch down or throw some snow on Cuddle Buddies. Press Spacebar and jump as you see a ramp and press 1-2-3 keys to perform tricks while you`re in the air! Don`t forget to gather some bonuses. For instance, Snowman will make you invincible so that you can roll over the enemies. You can pass in between the two snowboards to have extra points at the end of the level. If you reach the finish point before the time is up, the time remained will carry over the next level. Since you have your time limited, there is Time Extension Flag! What`s more important: don`t run into trees or rocks or Cuddle Buddies! Jump over them instead and get points!

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