About Shoot The Food

What do you think is awaiting you in the open space? Stars, comets, and asteroids? False information! You will find there only large pieces of cheese and mushrooms slowly drifting. That`s the real world of Remi and everyone else who join him in the Shoot the Food game! If you can call yourself a fan of the French cuisine, you will not resist! It`s unbelievable, but Remi managed to launch the symbol of France, The Eiffel Tower, into space! But for what? He`s going to have fun there shooting the food and watching huge pieces of cheese flying apart. You can join him for his space travel. That`s how your task looks like. You can steer the improvised space ship using Left and Right arrow keys. Press the Up key, if you want to thrust. And finally, shoot using Space Bar. Shoot the pieces of food one by one, until space is clear. Hurry up, don`t stay in the same place for too long and don`t let the food hit you. If a giant mushroom or cheese hits you, it will cost you one life. You may pass well with small pieces, but big ones will definitely cause you a life loss! There are several levels. You can reach the next one, after clear space from food entirely. You will find more food attacking your space shit on each level. If you lose all of the lives, you will get back to the first level. Take care; you have just three lives!

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